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Process Sensors Corporation

Process Sensor Corporation

Process Sensors Corporation provides unique sensor solutions for both temperature and moisture measurement applications. PSC focuses on the development and implementation of non-contact, moisture measurement instruments for on-line industrial process applications as well as Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement Sensors, Thermal Imaging Systems, and Blackbody Calibration Sources. Their mission is to utilize the least complex, most reliable technology to provide outstanding value, sound long term solutions, and maintenance-free reliability in industrial environments.

Process Sensors On-line Fixed Sensors

On-line Fixed Sensors

On-line NIR Smart Sensors from Process Sensors provide operators immediate feedback on real-time processing parameters. Moisture, oil and coatings are commonly measured constituents in many industries including food, paper converting, wood, tobacco, bulk powders, and mining & aggregate. In many industries, optimizing production efficiency and minimizing waste is the difference between profitability and operating at a loss.

Process Sensors On-line Scanning Systems

On-line Scanning Systems

On-line scanning systems from Process Sensors accurately measure moisture, coatings, and film thickness, creating a complete zoned web profile for process monitoring and control.

Process Sensors Lab and At-line Analyzers

Lab and At-line Analyzers

Lab and At-line sensors from Process Sensors are easy to start up, simple to use, and provide accurate reliable measurements where you need it.

Process Sensors Accessories


Process Sensors offers diverse accessory options for calibration verification, communication outputs, installation feasibility, product gap detection, and more.

Process Controls IR Temperature Sensors

IR Temperature Sensors

Process Sensors offers a wide range of on-line fixed sensors for immediate and continuous temperature measurement and control in industrial processes. A variety of special features, accessories and software options are available.

Process Sensors Thermal Imaging Camera Systems

Thermal Imaging Camera Systems

Process Sensors IR Thermal Imaging Cameras are compact, radiometric and enable the operator to view and measure thousands of temperature points, line profiles, or user selectable areas or regions of interest (ROI’s) defined by a maximum, minimum, or average temperature within these regions. The smart technology and space saving design of each model brings new meaning to the word “simplicity” and sets a benchmark for quality and performance.

Process Sensors Blackbody Calibration Sources

Blackbody Calibration Sources

To calibrate infrared pyrometers and thermal imaging systems accurately, it is necessary to have a source of IR radiance that is controlled and predictable. PSC-BBS series of blackbody calibration sources provide a target of known emissivity, temperature, and aperture size. These blackbodies can also provide calibration traceability to certified laboratories and national standards.

Process Sensors Portable IR Thermometers

Portable IR Thermometers

Process Sensors offers a wide range of versatile portable IR thermometers that feature green/red laser or thru-lens optical telescopic sighting, and PSC Software for analysis & data logging, and onboard audible/visible alarms. The precision adjustable or fixed focus optics provide small spot sizes with fast, easy, and accurate temperature measurements from -50°C to 3300°C.

Process Sensors Custom OEM Solutions

Custom OEM Solutions

Process Sensors offer custom solutions. They have worked with many customers and integrators over the last 20 years to develop customized NIR and/or IR temperature sensors for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) applications. Custom development allows customers to fully integrate their technology into products for seamless operation by the end-user.